Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The new shorts run fulleth: a new project

Figure 1.1: "smart shorts"

I have always been a fan of what I call are "smart shorts", the kind that are tailored, well-fitting on the bum, and well above the knee.  Essentially, they're slim trousers cut short.  In some weird way I think they are the men's version of the mini skirt: breezy, polished enough for lunch (at least where I'm from) and rather sexy, in my opinion at least!  Here I am four months ago in one of my favorite pairs of smart shorts from Zara:

bowtie from Brooks Brothers, APC shirt, Topman belt, Zara shorts, Margiela sneakers

But much as I love my smart shorts, I am equally fascinated by the new shape of shorts that seems to surface: longer, fuller, more voluminous.  A post on the Sartorialist first put me in the loop on this trend, and the two photos he posted very much intrigued me:  

Incredibly fresh, what was noticeable about them was that they were full, but light. To me, they were very much reminiscent of Japanese karate pants.   

Then there are these light cotton drop-crotch long shorts from Rick Owens, 

which I can't help but read as a play on the "baller" silhouette: long shorts, chunky athletic shoes.  

Figure 1.2: Basketball shorts and chunky high-tops

Clever of Owens to tweak the basketball look, which doesn't seem to have gotten as much attention in the fashion world as say, the tennis, football, or even golf looks.  

In response to this, I dropped by the tailor today and decided to undertake a new project: my own "fuller" shorts.  Thank goodness for the eternal summer of the Philippine Islands, I can wear shorts all year long.  It's going to be tailored in navy plaid, knee-length and loose, with three pleats and a cuff on each leg.  (Mang Jun chuckled at me for requesting 27 inch-wide legs!)  Let's not hope this jinxes the navy plaid wonder I'm about to claim next week!

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Patrick said...

looking sharp izzy! Get online on msn right now!

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