Sunday, October 12, 2008

sun, sea, and sand

My nth Dean and Trent post already.  Dear owner of Dean and Trent, if you're reading this, I would gladly accept any freebies you throw my way in appreciation for my laudatory posts on your wares.  (Kidding!) (Not!)  

I recently got this Dean and Trent navy shawl-collar cardigan made from the comfiest flannel-like fabric ever.

with t-shirt from Izzue, Topman belt, Zara shorts and shoes

sans cardigan

I'm really warming up to color now.  It's a cycle.


yiqin; said...

I like the proportions in the second outfit :)

Wax said...

Izzy, I checked out Dean and Trent at Crossings Shangri-la last week, and I almost bought a gray cardigan similar to yours. Haha! I love their clothes!

Patrick said...

looks good!

izzydore said...

wax: you should get it, it's obscenely cheap, like below 1000!

BJ said...

i ordered from their online store last week, i got an email saying they'll confirm stocks. i never heard from them since... i want the stuff that i ordered!!! maybe i should just go to the mall... LOL

izzydore said...

bj: yea they're kind of disorganized like that. I can give you the number of my contact there, she can deliver your order to any of the shops. What did you get?? :)

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