Saturday, October 18, 2008


Okay so I admit to buying women's jersey pants for yoga.  Men's athletic pants at Nike, besides being significantly pricier, are all too short for me.  Recently, as I was looking for another pair of straight-cut black jersey yoga pants, these caught my eye:

knee-length jersey shorts from, yes, the Bossini ladies' section.  I know the ruching on the pockets might look a little feminine, but they're conveniently covered up by the t-shirts I wear.

I enjoy wearing them out much as I do wearing them to yoga practice.  

worn with H&M t-shirt, Margiela cuff and sneakers

with AA hoodie

The hoodie actually belongs to Chic Clinic, and I'm on the fence whether I should buy it from her or not.  It's a size small and looks fine unzipped, but is a little too snug when zipped.  Should I?


DaisyChain said...

Well, I'd never have guessed about the pants!

Frederic said...

sport-chic of your own.

Anonymous said...

your blog is always a good option to visit

BJ said...

looks super cool!

girl clothes are fun! i pulled out jersey genie/harem pants from freeway that's drapey on the hips on the hips, they're super cute. i knew i wouldn't be able to use them on the shoot cause they were too big (XL, i had to pin it) so i wore them on the day of the shoot and got asked a gazillion times where i got them haha! I thought of buying them but they were too big... ayaw ko na may pin everytime i'm gonna wear it!

the next time i did a shoot for that magazine, the editor in chief told me she heard about the freeway pants and she got herself a pair! haha!

sayang i should have bought it. it's gone na.

Wax said...

Im running out of outfits for the gym, would definitely try this one out. I love your jersey shorts! :D

MR style said...

great sporty chic look

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