Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chris Habana's Glaze and Gild

Filipino-American jewelry designer Chris Habana presented a Spring 2012 line with two main motifs running through: architectural shapes rendered in gold, which he is typically known for, and more organic, almost tribal pieces in what seems to be enameled metal in neon colors. The pieces, though amplified in volume, and exaggerated in styling, I think, could very beautifully accentuate many an easy summer outfit.

Funny enough, the one piece that stood out for me, of all the large-scale ones shown, was the dangling-cross ear cuff.

Call me a poseur, but there is something entertaining about putting something on that gives off the gritty feel of having body piercings without having to deal with the pain. Ah yes, dandies love to pretend!

The ear cuff in dark silver. I also thought that the idea of having something dangle within the ear and not below the lobe was quite novel and interesting.

I've taken to wearing one bangle high up in the forearm as a fresh little break from layered bracelets. This triple bone bangle could easily add much visual interest to an outfit of summer whites or summer blacks.

And the same goes for this thorny garden of a bangle.

The plastic-striped slanted posts remind me of the flaming cactus installations put up all around the East Village a few weeks ago.

The less colorful, predominantly gold pieces were showcased in an opposite installation that was part Grecian and all-greasy.

a septum ring and a collar of salmon lucite crosses

Chris Habana's signature cages and cubes all in gold

photographs by Hudson Shively

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