Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Vague H Belt

I'm not one to profess my unwavering adoration for a brand, but I do love Hermès, without shame, without a doubt.

the orange box of deep, deep joy

Much as I love the brand and my classic H-buckle Hermes belt, seeing everyone and their uncle and their local newscaster and their Euro-distasteful friend wearing it is starting to get a little disconcerting. But I saw this belt on my recent trip to Hong Kong, and it changed my feelings about Hermès and their waist-cinchers:

Hermès Etriviere belt in distressed black saddle leather

The "H" is vaguely recognizable, and is even obscured by the leather when the belt is buckled.

the Hermès logo ever so sparsely etched on the underside of the buckle

I've long wanted the Etriviere, but when I saw it rendered in this black saddle leather distressed to reveal undertones of bluish gray, I knew it was the one.

close-up of the leather

The leather is thick and sturdy, and, in the same spirit with which I rationalize purchases of such perceived frivolity, "it will only become more beautiful with age."


Mat said...

i think this will be a good buy for you man

Fashion Philosopher said...

Hi Izzy, the belt is so gorgeous! And I love how you describe it. The words you choose show quite a delicate mind. I am just thinking a lot about accessoires lately and how you can change outfits with just one great belt or tie. I am writing a post about Edsor Kronen which is a tie company founded 1909 in Berlin/ Germany ( it still exists )- the CEO of the company is such a great dandy. While I did my research I found this website, maybe you know it already but it is quite interesting.

Have fun reading it. Greetings from grey, old London- town. The Fashion Philosopher

minkandcappuccino said...

love hermes
very classic

Giancinephile said...

Good choice, Izzy!!!!

Can't wait for your outfit post with that one! haha

Anonymous said...

I really don't like belts with big LV or H buckles as it looks cheap and in a way showing off but I like your new belt its very classy and isn't bombarding with a huge label and quality should stand out and look expensive.

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