Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

(Minus the actual storm, please.) I'm off to New York Fashion Week for five days and I've got an overflow of exciting things lined up for me. Talk has been going around about this snowstorm that is about to hit the Northeast; I've already had to reschedule my bus ride because of this. Kind blizzard, please spare this first NY Fashion Week I'm ever attending! I'm hoping the next five days I spend immersed in that scene would give me clarity on whether or not I would like to get into such a nutty industry after I graduate.

But, snow or no snow, I will be roaming the roads of Nueva York in my newish B Store navy suede lace-up boots. They are deceptively warm, comfortable enough, and effortlessly cool.

Lace-up boots by B Store - it's the mouse gray laces against the blue suede that sealed the deal for me.

Ray-ban glasses, tailor-made blazer, Zara shirt, Husam el Odeh for Topman pin, Comme des Garcons belt, H&M jeans, B Store boots

A closer look at the Husam el Odeh brooch:

Incredibly clever, this is my favorite networking tool of late.

With my sister sporting my glasses and a really nasty gum infection.

See you in New York!


AlexanderCook said...

your style is always at its highest i dig the pin on the blazer and the shoes keep it up much respect to u

Cillian said...

Love this look. DO be careful though, suede can be terribly sensitive as I discovered with my favourite boots a few weeks back...

Enjoy NYFW!


Isabel said...

Hmm, I wonder if the snowstorm is gonna hit Southwestern Ontario...

Those boots ARE deceptively warm/comfortable! I wish my winter boots were that gorgeous.

udong said...

OEWHhh I like your boots =)

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