Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spiked Straps

When the winter is brutal and you live in your one thick parka and it's just too cold to have your gloved hands outside of your pocket toting a briefcase, this hard-edged backpack can do much to uplift your look.

Givenchy studded leather and nylon backpack

A couple of closer shots of the bag, from Style Samurai:

on Preview Magazine's creative director Vince Uy, one of the most stylish men in Manila, in my honest opinion

This might seem like just another iteration of the studded-all-over trend that still prevails in fashion, but there's something about the contrast between the juvenile innocence of a backpack and the almost alienating toughness of the silver spikes that I find rather charming. I just wish it also came in an all-leather version.

Does anyone know the price points on this studded beauty?


Anonymous said...

Actually, studs are probably already on their way out...! But this is a cute backpack anyway.

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hey Izzy, no worries, looks great here. Congrats on being featured as one of the '4 Best Men's Fashion Blogs' according to Refinery29. Good job! =)

-h said...

I agree with Anon. that the overall stud trend (along with the balmain total look) is in it's decline phase. However, when something is done right and not overkill it can be a modern classic. I think this bag is a good example of that. It's not overkill and the rest of the bag is very basic. Why not email style samurai for its pricing if he has it? I don't think it's tacky to ask if you genuinely want it.

joelle van dyne said...

i am not normally a fan of studs OR backpacks, but somehow the two together works really well. i think you're right, it's the juxtaposition of the 2 elements that makes it work. ~joelle

BJ Pascual said...

That picture was from the day of the shoot I shot for them!!! Haha!

I agree, he's one of the most stylish men in manila. Not to mention ultra talented. He's so good at what he does... And he's humble, too! I was so surprised at how down-to-earth he was. Sooooooo rare in the fashion industry. I wish more people were like him.

Chip said...

omggg such a good DIY idea!!

Wrecked Stellar said...

Rad backpack- the way this is done isn't an overdue- but it's just right. It somehow still looks on trend without trying too hard.

Peter said...

...I don't think studs will ever be out. It's punk - punk is never out, I studded a backpack like this back when I was in college about 5 years ago, deffo like this one a lot.

Hapsical said...

don't ask for the price.. you can totally DIY this and make it look 10x better too!

Anonymous said...

yeah i agree with some of the coments just buy a cheap leather rucksack or the black shiny one from american apparel get some studs and add it onto the back back and it will be so much cheaper im thinking of doing that to !

Uly said...

such a rad backpack!

love your blog

come check mine out

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