Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Frederic, the vintage prince

Meet Frederic Betancourt, 17, a student from Galicia, Spain, friend and fellow blogger.

I have long been a fan of his blog Tales from Frederic, where he posts outfits that are mostly vintage. His eye for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and eagerness to experiment and try new things sets him apart from the millions of vintage mongers out there. It also helps that he's young and enviably skinny! Today I share with you my little chat with Frederic:

Tell us about your blog Tales from Frederic. Why do you blog?
Tales from Frederic was born in August 2008. I was tired of my other personal sites (Fotolog, Lookbook...), and wanted a place to express myself and find things... I usually visited blogs like Miss at la Playa or Inside am Lul’s closet, and I decided to just try it..

What is Spanish style/fashion to you?
Spain is a very beautiful country with very beautiful and kind people. They are used to wearing strong colors and expressive outfits. Fashion is important for Spanish society, more than ever, and Madrid Cibeles Fashion Week is always a great experience. (I met Iekeliene Stange there, haha)

You are very young (17). Where do you get your style from?
Sometimes I feel like an old guy, haha.

I love magazines... I think there are more than 200 in my bedroom, and of course fashion shows.
Music inspires me too, bands and singers from UK, Sweden, France...
Sometimes just a picture is enough to inspire me... And I love models’ style too.

Name three pairs of shoes you can’t live without.
My vintage brown leather shoes, Massimo Dutti brown mocs and my black lace ups.

The government is giving away two thousand dollars to spend on fashion-related items only. What will you buy?
Hmmm... Gucci tricolor mocs, Prada nylon bag and a Starbucks Frapuccino.

What is the next big thing in fashion?
Black and white, military style, the homeless look and Australia...

Splurge on vintage, Miuccia, McDonalds and waffles, skimp on orange bathing suits and fluorescent sunglasses.

Everything tastes better with butter on it.

And, almost like a male version of Mary-Kate Olsen, his minimal build affords him to pull off relaxed, oversize silhouettes to great effect:

Frederic's blog
Frederic on Twitter


Me said...

Thanks for sharing about Frederic's blog! He's got a great sense of personal style.

Pret a Porter P said...

a good sense of style

RetroVintageModStyle said...

Wow! So stylish!

Isabel said...

This guy is totally fearless. I don't think I could have imagined any guy pull off teddy-print pants before seeing this but he looks amazing. Not to mention, he's ridiculously good looking. And younger than me (I'm 19). Oh dear!

EJ said...

This boy is too handsome to be 17. Sigh. (Love that alpaca scarf)

Unknown said...

he's so inspiring!!!!!

Your best friends in Pontevedra said...

Fede somo Lau Jess Sapinza y Sara-emo :)
Dice Sainza que porfavor tengas la bondad de devolverle el pijama, que seguro que ya lavaste, que es el pijama de su tia y lo necesita

chocho ;)


Frederic we are Lau Jess Sapinza and Emo-Sara :)
Sainza says that please be so kind as to give her pijama back, which we are sure that you have already washed, because it is her auntie's pijama and she needs it

xoxo ;)

Roman Dennis said...

omg ive just started blogging and came across this guy too his eye for vintage infact style in general is rediculous i thought i dressed well but this guy just blows evryone out the water love him

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