Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A tempest had just ravaged my apartment: in the process of preparing outfits for New York fashion week, I've tried on nearly everything in my winter wardrobe yet my creativity seems to run dry as a bone. Times like these, I look to the greats for design intervention.

Number (N)ine and The Soloist creative director Takahiro Miyashita, in one of the few full portraits of himself online, photographed by An Unknown Quantity

There is a richness to this look, almost like a novel that each time you re-read you discover something new. The subtlety of the off-blacks fading to navy, the contrast of the washed denim and the dirty dark yellow, the silhouette of the high-waisted coat and his loose top with the oddly hemmed jeans, and the intrigue of sunglasses at night... and wait... is he wearing a dangling earring?? It's all so fresh and inspiring. The plan is to keep staring at this photograph until his style osmoses to mine, and somehow, some way, the coat and the boots materialize in my closet.

photograph via An Unknown Quantity


Anonymous said...

He looks terrible. I've never understood why he's such catnip to bloggers. Those jeans and shoes...he looks like a 90s schoolgirl. Awful. Nothing inspiring here at all. Complete peacockery.

Izzy said...

to each his own!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. No offence intended Izzy, love the blog. Just not this guy.

Dandy del Extrarradio said...

I am follower number 800 YEEEEHA!!!!

Sean Santiago said...

love him and The Soloist; a constant source of inspiration!~

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have to agree with the 1st comment, that outfit is quite atrocious, nothing subtle or inspiring in anyway.
To each his own.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have to agree with the 1st comment, that outfit is quite atrocious, nothing subtle or inspiring in any way.
To each his own.

Anonymous said...

I am a dandy in London and have just visited your website for the first time.

Yet I see several photos of people wearing jeans. On a blog that uses the term "dandy"(?)

The small token 'Hermes' wristbands of one of the models will hardly make up for wearing a jeans outfit.

Johnny Manila said...

I personally am inspired by this guy. I think this photograph has plenty of style and nothing is too flamboyant. It's very unique and refreshing. It's almost anachronistic but the elements come together harmoniously so it still makes sense.

Isidore, you inspired me to blog about Manila men's fashion. You're lucky you're in a sea of style. Manila is a challenge! :D

- Johnny Denim

Haitham said...

You are featured on Style.com in one of tommy ton's pics! :)


Unknown said...

Love the glasses!


Marco Cavasso said...

Hi ! Great blog ! Trendy and original !!
Come to visit mine follow it... I'll follow you back !
xo xo

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