Friday, November 6, 2009

Cinched and Curled

Ray-Ban glasses, H&M topcoat, Primark t-shirt, J. Crew belt, Cheap Monday skinnies, Dr. Martens boots

I've long been toying with the idea of cinching a non-belted coat with a belt, but have only gotten to doing it recently.

It's amazing how inspiring images we see years ago could have an effect on what we wear today. Heres a flashback of old-school The Sartorialist for you guys:

Pictured in one of my favorite Sart shots of all time is this fellow in a long navy coat cinched with a leaf-embroidered belt.

Belting a coat isn't the most fool-proof sartorial move, and neither is it the most comfortable. But it does create a nice sharp line on a rather strong-shouldered coat, and it actually helps keep the midsection a little warmer (useful for soothing those post-pigging out chills!).

In other news, I've found an easier, more realistic method of achieving the curly quiff. (Two words: curling iron.) My idols over at Drop-Snap would be proud.


fred said...

Oh Iz , I just had my hair almost exactly like yours! Really!
And I loooooove the whole look :)

Matthew Spade said...

thats the blummin ace wool coat with leatherette collar that i keep seeing. jealous! rocking some new docs there too?

Anonymous said...

luv you.. este, luhvet!

Anonymous said...

luv you.. este, luhvet!

Izzy said...

Thanks guys, makes it feel even better to start blogging again.

Mat: It's actually real leather! And yea, new docs.

Marta said...

So chic!

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