Monday, February 14, 2011

The Petrou Pack

Nicholas Petrou drew on the tribal garb of indigenous people around the world as inspiration for his Fall 2011 collection for Petrou\Man. Charcoal, black, and navy hand-washed denim served as the counterpoint to the cacophonous tribal prints accentuated by stripes of paint and charms of pearl and coin-people. The harmony of this all makes Petrou\Man one of the strongest menswear shows at New York Fashion Week.

the Petrou pack, A/W 2011

Fall 2011 was an expert continuation of last season's story, retaining elements such as the mix of washed denim and print, accents on the edges of shirt shoulders, and DIY shoes, rendered with an enigmatic darkness that goes well with the feeling of the cooler months.

prints on the pockets and on the shirt shoulder edges, updated for fall

charcoals and navies in mixed fine prints make for a subtly whimsical jacket

an immensely wearable parka in mixed textures of navy and black

Before seeing the show, I had expressed a tiny bit of concern knowing that this presentation would not by styled by Robbie Spencer, who had done the previous two. But Jason Farrer, this season's stylist, had done an excellent job at keeping that Robbie Spencer/Dazed and Confused touch that had already become an inextricable part of the Petrou look, while bringing in new touches of his own.

The richness of the collection is best viewed up close. Here's what I saw:

tribal rambunctiousness on the lapels of a burgundy corduroy three-piece suit

strong makeup and sumptuously embroidered scarves

tiny gray metal pearls on the pockets of a jacket

The shoes, repurposed vintage boots sanded, painted, and embellished, were very rich with detail:

Pants tucked into socks with boots were almost sickeningly all over the menswear shows this season, but in this tribal printed fleece, they were delightfully unexpected. Socks by Acorn.

The tableau set-up of the presentation was perfect for Petrou's clothes, which are just as beautiful from behind as they are from the front.

washed denim blazer cut with a back belt

vibrant mixed patterns extend all the way to the back

one of the more somber jackets with the most vibrant of faces


Andrew said...

my DIY senses are tingling @ those boots... mmmmm

David Toms said...

I love the little little details, like the stitching etc on some outfits!

Michele said...

I REALLY, REALLY enjoy this collection. Those patterns really do call for a diy. And what about those!
Also really like your blog!:)

Brandon said...

OK Andrew + Izzy lets DIY something similar to those boots! I know we can find something just as interesting and along the same lines!

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