Monday, September 28, 2009

Topman LTD Fall/Winter 2009 Lookbook

The Topman LTD lookbook for fall/winter 09, styled by Robbie Spencer, exhibits an almost jarring saneness one wouldn't normally expect from the editor known for the conceptual-crazy editorials he does for Dazed and Confused. But it's a saneness I welcome with open arms, and one that I actually quite like.

Part one of the lookbook stars the modern dandy, in outfits peppered with fresh details that entice even those as fashion-fatigued as myself.

big square nerdy glasses!

The frill on the knit sweater softens an almost businesslike suit.

The bowler hat and that covetable velvet-trim overcoat serve to London-ify a look that would otherwise be too Lanvin Fall 2009.

The second character featured in the lookbook appears to be some sort of a modern-day skinhead. The subtle flourish in the details is impeccable.

The boat neck on this sweater is more modern than gimmicky.

I'm very much keen on the concept of a jumpsuit as outerwear. Good call on the sturdy fabric and the trim silhouette.

decorative zips by the neckline

The quilted leather gloves are just divine, and so is that velvet (?) hoodie underneath the trench.

One of my favorite looks in this lookbook, the insides of the hoodie lined in what looks like satin or leather fold over to resemble lapels. Brilliant.

Oh and that model's sick haircut is seriously making me consider getting a buzz.

Topman LTD A/W 09 collection available at


Frederic Betancourt. said...

Great , I love 2nd line, first is too common..

Natalie said...

Funny when men's and women's styles collide. Zippers and jumpsuits are big for both right now...
-Natalie from Shop It To Me

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