Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm warming up to color, in tiny jolts.

Perhaps partly affected by the somber worldwide mood brought about by the recession, I find myself donning nothing but neutrals lately: grays, whites, beiges and blacks, with emphasis on the blacks.  Navy is the closest I get to wearing color.  

Nevertheless, yesterday, in need of a quick shopping fix, I decided to pick up these two pairs of knit fingerless gloves from Topman to wear on an upcoming trip to Europe.  One in forest green, the green knit fingerless gloves seen on The Sartorialist and Jak and Jil (the store assistant had to rummage through the stock room to find the last pair!)

and another in a blindingly bright fluorescent yellow-green, just for kicks.  

Putting on the the neon pair, my heart literally skipped a beat, my eyes not anymore used to seeing something with such saturated color against my skin.  It was a happy heartbeat-skipping feeling; does this spell more color to come?  Here they are worn:

vintage bowler hat, Zara military jacket in heavy jersey, Topman fluo fingerless gloves, Cheap Monday 45 min stonewash skinnies, custom-made Solimann boots

Tiny jolts of color, I believe, are also what breathed life and uniqueness into Robert Geller's Fall 2009 collection, which to me is really the only relevant collection in the whole of NY fashion week so far.  I'm a fan of the plums and teals,

the amish-style hats,

and this look, which makes ombre and hot pink look fresh again.  It amazes me how he worked a shirt that was so Miami-sunset-on-crack into a look that still had an air of darkness and mystery, but which was livened up by that jolt of pink. 

Plus points for the side-swept pompadour in ash gray.  

P.S. Yesterday, it came as a nice surprise to see on my Blogger Dashboard that Robbie Spencer, Menswear Fashion Editor of Dazed and Confused, via this blogger URL, just started publicly following The Dandy Project.  

If it really is you, Robbie, know that I admire your work, doubly admire your sense of style, and immensely covet your job!  I hope you don't mind having a fingerless glove doppelganger.


DaisyChain said...

I had those neon gloves in pink once upon a time. I actually wonder what happened to them!

fred said...

I´ve got grey..

Pret a Porter P said...

you never know who's reading ;)
im really liking the green fingerless gloves.
i really love that military top that you are wearing and the side pockets.
sometimes our sunsets really do look that.

E. said...

Hmmm everyone seems to be getting into the neons again! Love the gloves - they're just the right amount of shocking color.

RetroVintageModStyle said...

Nice purchase! Even though I'm not fond of fingerless gloves, they look pretty cool. Great that you're infusing some color to your apparel! I don't know I just can't go all black or grey...I'm more of a color person. And regarding the way you feel might be due to "color psychology" about it if you haven't, quite interesting.

Emma Homestay Bandar Tasik Puteri said...

The first glove picture immediately ring a bell ( from the Sartorialist image of course).

Your neon gloves look discolored..maybe an unexpected effect from the camera eh? I like it!

Izzy said...

daisy: find them!

frederic: I'm thinking of getting a gray pair too.

h: our sunsets here are more orange.

o lady e: I'm not much of a vuitton fan, but this might be subliminally induced by the sprouse graffitti collection haha

retro: Sure, I'll look it up!

naboonies: Thanks! The neon ones are impossible to photograph, see I had to use different settings when taking detail shots of the forest green gloves and the neon gloves. I like that they seem to be glowing in the sun though!

Noelle Chantal said...

You look amazing Izzy! I def like the neon gloves, it look so stunning in your outfit. And the bowler hat is totally nice on you. :)

S. said...

LOVE the pop of neaon in your look, you should def try out more colours Izzy I have a feeling it will really suit you..and if it makes you feel happy; why not. ;)

I feel that 'everyone' is doing black at the moment.. so what you are doing is very refreshing. =)

Izzy said...

noelle chantal: Thank you for your kind words!

S: Thanks! I know most colors actually look good on me, thanks to my olive-orange Southeast Asian complexion hahaha! A HUGE fan of color years back, I think I'll wait for my love of color to come back naturally, from within. But yea, neon on the hands=totally uplifting. Try it!

Pret a Porter P said...

-ps i thought you might like this some behind the scenes of geller's collection

Margaret Meyer said...

I've recently been realizing how much I love menswear. I think I have a crush on your blog.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Tiny jolts of colour really change an outfit. I adore both gloves but the forest green because I heart that shade of green at the moment. After going through my wardrobe and realising that 1/3 is grey, I have realised the need to inject some colour in to my own wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

I think we really were somehow siblings in another life. I just bought over the weekend a bright neon men's plaid shirt (never having owned anything neon before) that made me so happy to have that burst of color. I love the surprise of the gloves. have a great time in Europe!

Anonymous said...

Loooove the outfit! Great fit!

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